3 years later, I went back to jobs using Ben and for whatever reason it started to stink and emit the most noxious gases ever! I mean an airless or a pressure pot even would be faster…, Hvlp to me is good for auto body and trim or cabinet coatings, Aura… Hmm I wouldn’t put it through an hvlp, But hey One trick I picked up at the paint store while talking to a professional painter was to ask for an extender to be put into the aura paint. They’re durable, splatter resistant, easy to spread, and are fast drying. I got a free can of Bm from work.. Thank you for your…well, I suppose we’ll call it, your arbitrary findings on the matter. Awesome stuff. The coverage is weak, the paint splatters like crazy, the flat is not flat, and it can be tough to get an even sheen on the coating. Don’t expect your first coat to unlock the paint’s potential, but do expect it from your second coat. Last weekend I painted a friend’s entry in BM Aura “Black Raspberry” and it is gorgeous, just gorgeous. Thanks, OCD. I hated a few of my experiences with Aura, but looking at it now, it was worth it. Aura can do it in 2 even over new drywall. BM rep said we should have used primer so no problem with BM paint. My color has held up well to my kids and the paint cleans up easily with mild soap and water. I started painting when Morgard was 13 bucks a gallon. We’ve tested the Regal Classic and ben Interior product lines and found both to provide smooth, even coverage. It always amazes me how that paint hides the imperfections. You will spend three times the cost using Ralph Lauren paint because you need that much to do the job. Bm paint.. Works great as primer for real paint. We have lived in our home for only 8 years and we have painted the interior twice because the paint is uncleanable and the paint tired looking. Only the Benjamin Moore paint in the sample pints peeled. Make sure you use the recommended brushes and rollers. Aura doesn’t spatter and spattering is one of my main concerns in the kitchen, given the limited wall space. (For example, the area above my cupboards is 1-1/2 ft. high x 16 ft. length; one “wall” is 2-1/2 ft. square; and I’m lucky to squeeze in a 2-1/2″ brush in other areas.). To add to that, I Iive on a heavily tree-lined road in the country and the humidity is horrific. There are four main Benjamin Moore interior paint product lines- Aura, Natura, Regal and ben Interior. I have used the aura in their high gloss (even though my NYC apartment walls are crap) to make the room look bigger and it does, I have also used their medium gloss in my dining room and its equally as beautiful. You can bring in any sample color and have it matched by the company’s color experts. The best part is the coverage. Match made in invisible heaven and never a note detected or spoken I like that as well. I cut in the full wall and paint very fast with an 18″ 1/2 inch nap roller and I do not second guess myself. A flat ceiling paint should be dry in 2 hours. Thank you for sharing. Even with Aura, as with any paint,you should let fully cure a couple of weeks before wiping/washing stains off. I have been painting professionally for 20 years and find the comments abour BM Aura paint to be somewhat misleading. Aura is the only paint with color lock technology, ask your Ben Moore rep what I’m talking about. So it also goes for paints and techniques. Buy The Aura, your time and labor matters. their latex enamel is supreme for every thing. And that was a traditional rectangular room with 8 ft. high walls. You can NOT paint like it’s other brands of paint (I’ve used RL, Behr, SW, & Valspar in the past). As to matching colors, I insist my work be invisible, when touching up a job where the paint has faded. Don’t get fooled by high school marketing buy the Behr Premiun Plus and never go backe. There are a lot of contractors out there that love to use cheap paint just so they can drive up their labor costs…think about it. I was covering up dingy tannish brown by Sherwin Williams that was used throughout the house by the developer. However the exterior or interior paint have not held up as promised by the Ben Moore sales associates or lifetime warraties. I’ve had tremendous luck with High Hiding White from Ace Hardware ($30/gallon) and will get all my paint from them from now on, and just live with whatever colors they’ve got. But I use and abuse this kitchen. I am pretty sure Aura is not designed specifically for woodwork. Paint recommendations: Here we go again: paint choice seems to be such a personal decision! Choice of tape is critical. (I’ll do the woodwork later.) So, you can save money. no. I painted two closets in my apt. Any good retailer would rather you were happy the first time so you come back (and tell a friend), versus selling you more just once. Pratt and Lambert had a good product in the early 80’s and decided to go cheap and this paint reminds me of same b.s.. I demoed the aura lines, interior and exterior, when they came out years ago. I worked with both homeowners and painting I’ve had nothing but great luck with washing/scrubbing the paint from “oopsies”.. For every can of Aura, my guys use a can and a half of other brands. listen when you go into a store..turn your cell phone off, and focus on your sales person, he is informing you on how to use the new waterborne colorant paints..(which all paint companies are switching too). I’ve kept them in case I can mix them in with other projects, but ended up painting my study in B-M’s Classic Colors. Being a Benjamin Moore dealer the paint experts there recommended Advance and a primer. Overlapping will give you an uneven finish, much like when you add texture (sand) to a paint and roll it on. That said, I try to operate on the “I can’t afford cheap” theory. I stay away from the paints at Home Depot and Lowes, only because you get what you pay for…Good Luck to all the painters out there. I try to save money, I’ve tried ’em all, but there is just no comparison. Happy painting everyone. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to color match competitors’ colors, anyone know the answer? Now I am told I need to have wet sand blasted and new coat of stucco prior to painting with primer and two coats of paint. I am a professional painter and will use Aura on as many jobs as possible. Is there any way to take the $65 gallon of BM Impervex latex hi gloss enamel (White Dove) and mix in something to cut the shine if I decide my prep is not satisfactory for hi gloss finish? I have already stretched thin buying Aura, there is no way I can afford Farrow & Ball regardless how much better it is. We value your privacy. I want a really good paint job so I don’t have to do it again for another 8-10 years or more. One room only took one coat and it spread so easily. Nine years ago I moved on to SW, switched to deep color tones. Best of all P&L color chips always match the paint. Could be. Always creamy rich results with no roller lines or flashing. Enough said, Benjamin Moore makes a great product, unfortunately we have to pay the price of the monopoly they have created. Aura, also, is low VOC and can often cover in one coat. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. I want this interior palette of BM or C2 to last for a long time and know that after prep, paint is too expensive but what are you going to do? A link has directed you to this review. I can tell you that no other paint company offers a product like Aura. If you’re the former, and feel it’s worth spending time and money to figure out the EXACT perfect application for this paint, then go ahead. If you haven’t used Clark Kensington, neither will I. I’m too accustomed to Aura now to change my ways. Probably why BM makes a special “Aura” roller covers.

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