With a networked EV charging solution, you can monitor real-time energy use, control costs by setting a power ceiling to avoid demand charges and even install more EV charging stations … Incentives offered under the BOMA Clean Connect program spur station installations, Tuesday, October 20, 2020 to Thursday, November 26, 2020. A program intended to support the increase of EV charging infrastructure was launched in May 2013. For those businesses keen to be early adopters and competitive in terms of positive brand reputation, there are many reasons to consider electric car charging stations for your premises in 2018. If a customer needs a charge, they will plug in, then spend time shopping inside your business. As EV adoption increases, drivers may elect to shop where they can also refuel their EVs - so they can attend to two chores in one location. The right price will vary by location, but our pricing wizard helps you choose appropriate fees whether you’re a workplace, apartment, restaurant, hotel, shopping center or other business. Longer dwell time at a retail location may even translate to an increase in sales. As EV ownership soars, businesses have an increasing responsibility to provide EV charging points for use by clients, guests and employees. BOMA B.C., in partnership with the province of British Columbia, introduced a new incentive program for the purchase and installation of 125 electric vehicle-charging stations … This information is difficult if not impossible to gather from non-networked stations, but networked charging puts it at your fingertips in a simple online dashboard, empowering you to understand the return on your investment and assess the need for more chargers. Just as smartphones have transformed the way we communicate, electric vehicles are in the process of disrupting the traditional automobile industry. While all drivers of gas-powered cars today rely on franchise gas stations in the city and on the highway, most EV drivers will use the home garage as their primary 'refueling' stop. Charging-station hosts have the opportunity to generate revenue directly from people who use the station’s services. By offering this service free of charge, as many facilities currently do, companies will add a new dynamic to their corporate branding. Many of our EV charging stations can offer branding, advertising, and cross-promotional opportunities - sometimes visibly tied to the station's user interface. EV charging will play a similar role in building brand loyalty for retail businesses as well as for business parks, office buildings, parking garages, restaurants, and other recreational facilities. Since EV charging stations are not yet commonplace, you have the unique opportunity to pick your price. With a non-networked station, you’ll have to implement an additional approach to support access control, such as giving drivers a PIN code or physical key to access the station. This promotes goodwill toward your business and sends an important message to your consumers with electric vehicles. Many Webasto charging station models have tamper-resistant features, including a retracting, lockable charging cord. Customers waiting for their vehicles to charge are more likely to linger at your business, potentially increasing sales. Energy costs don’t need to be a barrier to installing EV charging at your business—as long as you choose a networked charging solution. With this rapid increase in electric vehicle use over the next few years, now is the perfect time for business owners to consider future-proofing with commercial electric car charging stations at their properties. Becoming BOMA BESt-certified may contribute to improving an organization’s image, and thus attract environmentally conscious customers and employees. If you have the kind of business that will benefit from an increase in footfall, the presence of electric vehicle charging points can contribute significantly to this. Using these types of systems typically requires installation of advanced EV charging station products. Green initiatives are more than a trend. Although the re-selling of electricity at a higher rate than specified by the utility is prohibited in British Columbia, owners can collect revenue for charging through pay-for-parking services. With this rapid increase in electric vehicle use over the next few years, now is the perfect time for business owners to consider future-proofing with commercial electric car charging stations at their properties. And worldwide, electric vehicles are projected to make up roughly 58% of new car sales worldwide by 2040. With charging stations on site you’ll have access to a wide range of useful data, including activity on your charging point(s), kWh-usage, costs and CO2-saving. There are now more than two million electric cars on the roads globally, with substantially more anticipated over the next five years. Your email address will not be published. By trailblazing this movement, you’re making a statement that you’re up-to-date on the latest technology, and have an appreciation of the environment. Adding EV charging infrastructure to new construction projects is highly likely to be less costly than retrofits - consider EVs in your blueprints for maximum efficiencies. Charging the Future: Our Blog. EV drivers, at least in the early years of adoption, will look for opportunistic charging prospects while driving their EVs as opposed to making a special trip to a refueling station. In addition, it can be very important to many employees, even those who do not drive EVs, that their building or employer is proactive with transportation planning. Employers looking into the benefits of EV charging stations for their employees will similarly build competitive advantage by attracting clean-driving candidates. 5 Simple Questions Reveal the Benefits of Networked EV Charging for Businesses, install more EV charging stations than your rated capacity, Take a Tour of the ChargePoint Express 250 and See Where It's Installed, Event Highlights Vancouver's Commitment to Clean Energy, EV Charging, ChargePoint Celebrates Environmental Innovation. According to City Lab, transportation makes up the largest share of emissions in the US, which is the world’s second-largest producer of greenhouse gasses. An EV charging station is simple and easy to manage, with user identification and access controls available so that you can decide who uses your charging points. I think that it would be a great idea for my brother’s company to have an electrician install an EV charger to advertise and to show that his business is environmentally-friendly! Why not do your part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make our planet a better place to live? Commercial electric car charging stations are a great way to stand out as a consumer-driven, environmentally-conscious business. In an age where eco-friendly initiatives are influential in purchase and investment decisions, showcasing that message to your customers can help build trust. Smart solutions also enable support technicians to perform remote monitoring and troubleshooting, keeping your stations up and running as much as possible. Stay informed about developments in electric mobility and NewMotion. Employers and owners of corporate parks can similarly build loyalty and offer value to EV-driving employees. One of the most important advantages of networked charging is the ability to gather and analyze data. One of the most important considerations with this program was to ensure EV charging station diversity in location, organization and facility type. The raw data from the charging stations is directly available and can be used to make quick and simple assessments and to inform key reports. For businesses large and small, the need to provide on-premises EV charging solutions is increasingly pressing, whether to accommodate employees or guests. 7. If your brand is built on sustainability or environmental awareness then a lack of electric charging points could undermine key brand messages, demonstrating a lack of practical application. Therefore, by installing a charging station, you are demonstrating your company’s values. Request your quote today! BOMA B.C. Efficiency Canada’s second annual provincial scorecard takes a detailed look at commitment, outcomes and potential related to 42 energy efficiency indicators, and charts progress, or backsliding, against last year’s results. Do you want to decide who can charge at your stations? Data insights Whether you choose to make charging free as a benefit to parking in your lot or garage, charge only for the electricity, or include a small convenience fee, you have the ability to name your price and add this to your revenue stream.

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