Pour half of the dashi stock, 3 cups water and all of the sake, add the white sections of the green onions, garlic and some sea salt. In a soup pot, boil beef tendons and beef shank meat in plain water for 10 minutes. Blanch basil and green onion that's cut into 2 inch pieces and lay out the basil on top of the meat shtuff and save the onion for later. Place tendons back in pot. Beef Tendon in Japanese Cuisine. Bring it to a boil, then simmer for 2 hours in very low heat. It becomes a marvelous cut after this collagen cooked down to a fork-tender state, the flavors are strong as well as its texture which is very satisfying for our taste buds. Tendon by definition is a fibrous band of tissue that connects the muscle to bone capable of withstanding tension. Take all the tendon and put it on a plate with as little liquid as possible. Growing up in Kanto (east) region of Japan, beef tendon wasn’t a common cut of meat sold in regular grocery stores or in restaurant menus. Beef Tendon Edit Article. Drain, rinse, removing scum. use a strainer to collect meat awesomeness and divide amongst containers.flatten out on the bottom of the containers. Properly cooked beef tendons contribute wonderful flavors to the final dish, with deep and rich broth and tendons that literally melt in your mouth. Its looking great.

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