Make the best out of the room by getting space-themed bed sheets and carpets with planets, stars and comets printed on it. Sometimes, we don’t look at clocks just because they are boring, and it makes us disoriented. Check out West Elm for stylish bedroom accents and more, and shop our pick below: Fun wallpaper is an easy way to add personality without taking up any precious surface space. In this bedroom in particular, the headboard defines the color scheme and provides a sense of formality while also asserting a modern twist that doesn't feel overly trendy. Check out Target for all your home decorating needs, and shop our pick below: The linen canopy warms up the neutral color scheme in the bedroom of Maxwell Ryan's Hamptons home. Moreover, the outer space-inspired bed linen uses a vibrant and cool pattern of space objects. The clock is made of aluminum discs ride around a rubber-coated surface area, so, you can place it on your desk or mount it on the wall. Each of the planetary body inflates quickly. 12. However, this nursery room is also for gender-neutral nursery room as well. With the addition of a unique architecture of the ceiling, attic would make a perfect and unique space-themed bedroom. Collect these 70 grams meteorites which were landed in Campo del Cielo, Argentina. The modern table lamp gives an unexpected edge. However, this beautiful galaxy doormat is just something else. Check out Bed, Bath, & Beyond for all your home decor needs, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Majesty White Large Bed Canopy, $50. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps the overall space-themed bedroom is a bit too much or does not look good. During this period, the amazed kids will be passionate in convincing you to grant the wish of having a cool, space themed bedroom. If your child wants to be a space-man, motivate his dream by setting up a space-themed bedroom. As you see, this bedroom is out of this world! If you have prepared all the equipment for painting with outer space related images like comets or planets, you should aim to the walls in the bedroom. Or perhaps you can set up the television set or the bookcase inside a good looking rocket-shaped rack made of cardboard or plywood. Space and Astronomy often leave people in awe and astonishment for the strange, yet amazing nature of everything in it. We love that these bunk beds in a Marin County, California, house designed by Erin Martin save space while also reflecting the nautical ship theme. This shared space with a space style is incredibly cool and enjoyable. Check out Home Depot for endless paint color options, and shop our pick below: When it comes to guest bedrooms or rooms for kids, pick a fun theme to anchor the design scheme. If you want to make your kids room into an educational bedroom, this is the inspiration that you can steal for your kids. 50+ Beautiful Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas, Best Paint Colors for Every Room in Your House, 14 Beautiful Master Bedroom Designs to Copy. Check out One Kings Lane for reliable bedroom staples, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Addie Blush Pink Vanity Stool, $375. Your kid can sleep in it but also can be turned into a bed as well. This natural wood rocket-shaped sleeping lamp will launch and take your kid up to his dreamland. No matter how bold you want to go, how large your room is, or what your design preference is, these bedroom decorating ideas, shopping tips, and designer examples are sure to inspire deeper, dreamier slumbers. Check out Y Lighting for luxe bedroom decor, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Ferm Living Rest Table Lamp, $275. Check out Etsy for tons of one-of-a-kind bedroom decor, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Silk & Silk Project Purple Ikat Pillow, $78. The combination of colors and the simplicity of the design make it looks sophisticated. Check out Urban Outfitters for fun removable wallpaper options, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Urban Outfitters Marble Removable Wallpaper, $39. This bed set lets your kid feels like he sleeps among the stars with this reversible bed linen set made of high quality polyester. Cozy throw blankets help, too. However, when the time has changed, they may have different dreams too when they grow up. If you buy it, the meteorites and the glass box will come with certificate of credibility. It is a deep blue color with some galaxy and comets drawing throughout the walls. Check out Flat Vernacular for modern, fresh wallpaper designs, and shop our pick below: BUY NOW Flat Vernacular Riverbed Stone Wallpaper, $275.

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