Comment configurer le nom du switch, la configuration IP, la passerelle par défaut et création des mots de passe pour l'authentification. Chapter 5 - Sections & Objectives The selection of VLAN 99 is arbitrary and in no way implies you should always use VLAN 99. San Jacinto College. Pour supprimer le nom du commutateur et le nom de domaine, il faut saisir les commandes suivantes. The prompt will display the name of the switch so SW1> tells us that we are connected to a switch named 'SW1'. Unicast trans-mission is the predominant form of transmission on LANs and within the Internet. Chapter 2: Basic Switch Concepts and Configuration 47 Unicast Broadcast Multicast Client Group With unicast communication, a frame is sent from one host and addressed to one specific destination. Email. Size (px) URL. In unicast transmission, there is just one sender and one receiver. Reason. Description. • Configure the port security feature to restrict network access. Embed. Report "Basic Switch Configuration" Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Configurer simplement la qualité de service, Comment configurer simplement la qualité de service, Configuration des services syslog, snmp, ntp, Creative Commons Paternité - Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale - Partage des Conditions Initiales à l'Identique 2.0 France License. Dans l'exemple, le nom du switch est : 2960-RG et le domaine est mondomaine.local. CCNA 2 v7 1.1.7 Lab - Basic Switch Configuration Instruction Answers .pdf packet tracer file download completed 100% scored 2020 In unicast transmission, there is just one sender and one receiver. Basic Configuration Industrial ETHERNET (Gigabit-)Switch RS20/RS30/RS40, MS20/MS30, OCTOPUS, PowerMICE, RSR20/RSR30, MACH 100, MACH 1000, MACH 4000. Share & Embed "Basic Switch Configuration" Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed. However, a best practice for basic switch configuration is to change the management VLAN to a VLAN other than VLAN 1. End with CNTL/Z. Unicast trans-mission is the predominant form of transmission on LANs and within the Internet. Learn how to configure and manage a Cisco Switch step by step with this basic switch commands and configuration guide. 2.1 Basic Switch Configuration 2.1.1 Configure a Switch with Initial Settings Switch Boot Sequence After a Cisco switch is powered on, it … Configuration and commands explained in this tutorial are essential commands to manage a Cisco switch effectively. The implications and reasoning behind this action are explained in the next chapter. Description Download Basic Switch Configuration Comments. Quidway S5700 Series Ethernet Switches V100R006C01 Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration Issue 01 Date 2011-10-26 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Configuration du nom du switch, du domaine DNS, puis enregistrement de la configuration. Save your work and be prepared to share it with another student or the entire class. Your name. the specifications and information regarding the products in this manual are subject to change without notice. 5.2 Basic Device Configuration •Configure a switch using security best practices in a small to medium-sized business network. The naming of copyrighted trademarks in this manual, even when not specially indicated, should not be taken to mean that these names may be considered as free in the sense of the trademark and tradename protection law and hence that they … questions on the PDF for this activity. •By default, all devices are assigned a factory default name. For example, a Cisco IOS switch is "Switch.” •Guideline for naming devices: •Start with a letter •Contain no spaces •End with a letter or digit This tutorial explains basic switch configuration commands in detail with examples. Basic Device Configuration Device Names •The first configuration command on any device should be to give it a unique hostname. Submit Close. Embed Script. Bien qu’un commutateur effectue des fonctions de base dans son état d’installation initiale par défaut, il existe plusieurs paramètres qu’un administrateur réseau peut modifier pour sécuriser et optimiser un réseau local. DOWNLOAD PDF . • Configure switch ports to meet network requirements. Configuration de base d’un switch Cisco Au cours de ce tutoriel, nous allons examiner et configurer un commutateur de réseau local autonome.

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