Multiple types of bus that run between Bangalore to Hampi are Non AC Sleeper, AC Sleeper, Non AC and AC. Swimming pool ages ago looked something like this …. We reached Hampi in just 30 minutes by car from the hotel. Excellent post . One can visualize what a beauty this place would have been back then. All Rights Reserved. People were happy and content with life — music and dance were part of their lifestyle. Bangalore to Hampi distance is 341 kms . The royal center was placed where most of the trading and celebrations used to happen. The train is the most preferred means because they are cheap and comfortable. The building is built of stone and mortar and has beautifully carved arches. Not visited by many, the underground Shiva temple is one of a kind. Major operators offering various kinds of bus services are: Various types of buses serving passengers from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Chennai ensuring safety and comfort. You could include little more details about the blore- hampi routemap, breaking places etc. As we retire the day engrossing with the fascinating tales, we promised to be back soon and explore places in and around Hampi. It is a small structure which was used by sages to meditate and is considered to be holy. This was mainly used by queens to relax. Use us as your stop travel destination and have the confidence that you're getting a bargain! An 80 square feet high platform is a tiered structure embossed with different symbols like horses, Chinese men, elephants, swords etc. Is it feasible to visit with 1.5 Yrs old kid ? This huge Linga is the one of the biggest of all Lingas in Hampi made up of black stone and nearly 12ft in height. Everything looks so real yet is so unreal. Bus No. A very readible and extremely thorough write-up. Save some money and memories too! Cabs can also be booked from the hotel. This is a beautiful article. Well, we are planning to be back in Hampi again this November. Interesting fact of this architecture is that it had a cooling system in place. You don’t believe in what I am saying but you will know exactly how Bangalore (Bengaluru) steals people’s hearts easily if you have a chance to come to this wonderful city. The water from nearby well was pumped in and was sprinkled all around the place to keep it cooler from the sweltering heat. I didn’t know about Hampi or the history. Cheers. This trip was completely planned by Sam and no doubt he wanted a relaxing trip than a hectic one. The journey from Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Hampi is smoothly covered by a bus in 9 hours. That’s an awesome write up guys..very detailed..kudos..will be really helpful for my visit to Hampi.. We have tried to put all the details so that it helps others, glad you liked the post , Thanks a bunch Madhu, hopefully it serves the purpose . With a plethora of operators servicing this route, choose a bus that best meets your needs and requirements. While it is pleasant most of the year, it tends to get warmer from March – May. Ruins. Discover the way to Hampi's favorite destination - Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi. From here, you can see the famous stone bridge and Hanuman temple perched top on Anjeyanadri Hill — birthplace of Hanuman. One of the must-visit places in Hampi. There are a ton of buses that run through Hampi and this ensures that Hampi is well-connected to the rest of the country. To Visit Hampi in Karnataka was in my travel bucket list for a long time until I moved to Bangalore and finally visited Hampi in October 2018. So, what are you waiting for? Hampi —  a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986 and many efforts have been taken to restore the lost glory of the place. Turns out I was wrong, and I’ll be going again in January. I think someone should definitely make it a goal to figure out how music is being produced by those pillars. After gulping from the side stall, we headed straight to the hotel where a delectable dinner buffet was waiting for us. Check Hotels in Hampi or in the below search box for some amazing deals on hotels in Hampi. As our guide regales the fascinating stories of each and every nuance of the temple. The recently discovered stepped tank is also quite popular for photo ops. All the incredible architecture and history – I really must make the trip next time I’m in the area! Apart from the ruins, even the rock formations are unique in Hampi. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So, we ditched the sample itinerary and started exploring on our own with the help of the map we picked from the hotel reception desk. You can also hire a tuk-tuk to cover the trails. Subscribe to travel stories, ideas, and contests: Give consent that we may collect and use your data. Loved your pictures of it. We intended to start by 4 AM but by the time we were up and ready it was around 8:30 AM, so we got a little traffic on the way. It is considered sacred and was usually used for religious activities by the royals. And the year 1565 was the year when Hampi was turned to ruins. I can imagine soldiers fighting to prove their bravery, dance being performed by the queen in an open platform stage, crowds cheering. Very detailed post on all the ins and outs of visiting this cool spot. Nothing can obscure the sheer beauty of the temple. Pack something to snack around. I’ve been to India once before, for several weeks, and thought it would be the only time I would go. Thanks for the inspiration! The underground temple is high on my list of places to see. Thank you, maybe we would try your suggestion the next time we visit Hampi.

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