Chen, X. H. (2003), Promotion of bamboo for poverty alleviation and economic development, Journal of Bamboo and Rattan 2003(2): pp. Bamboo charcoals tend to release more energy when burnt thus serves as fuel energy provider. They lived in harmony with nature, always attempting to give something back, so there would always be something left behind for the next generations. Lucky Bamboo is not a real bamboo but a type of tropical plant called dracaena sanderiana. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. When constructed properly, bamboo can stand the test of time as well as or better than many kinds of wood, including hardwood. (2005), Toxicology and safety of antioxidant of bamboo leaves, Part I: acute and sub chronic toxicity studies on antioxidant of bamboo leaves, Food Chem. Say goodbye to an enormous range of biodiversity. (2012), Bamboo Shoot Preservation for Enhancing its Business Potential and Local Economy: A Review, 2012, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 52(9), pp. Cut it down and it quickly grows back. When trees are cut down, on the other hand, we suffer doubly. Henonis. Closely related to the dracaenas family and called as Fu Gwey Zhu in the Chinese language, lucky bamboo variety grows at a very slow pace. And there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than a high quality bamboo towel. 804-812. Oftentimes, gardeners will find this property of renewability to be more of a nuisance than a boon. I’ve also noticed that if I sit in the direct sun with a black bamboo t-shirt, I don’t feel the heat of the sun the same way I do in an ordinary black cotton t-shirt. It’s cleaner and more sophisticated than the tropical look of bamboo and rattan, but still won’t harm a single tree. Two more should be 30 cm while another two should measure 35 cm. Giving back to the earth sometimes required the performance of human sacrifice, for example. Where monoculture is the problem, the only solution must be a polyculture of many different plants and resources. Feng Shui says the lucky bamboo … A bamboo knife can’t cut through anything too thick but does chop meat efficiently. You may be surprised to learn that versatility is one of the bamboo’s most significant benefits. In a world saturated with disposable plastics and toxic petroleum products, bamboo is a sustainable resource that promises to clean carbon from the atmosphere and reduce our dependency on petrochemicals. Bamboo could potentially continue to be grown and used for the foreseeable future. Michelle Liew is an English teacher and a professional writer with over 20 years of experience. Zhang, Y., Wu, X. Q. and Yu, Z. Y. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rathod, Jaimik D, Pathak Nimish L, Patel Ritesh G, Jivani N.P. bamboo plants are a good luck charm that b Bamboo shoots and its extracts can be used for preparing herbal medicines for regulating the blood sugar level. Now, since ages, the bamboo plant (aka Lucky Bamboo Plant) is used as a powerful tool to attract abundance, prosperity & better health (more about this & how to do it is discussed later in the article).. Compared to a stand of trees, an equal area of mature bamboo can produce about 35% more oxygen. Sakai, S., Saito, G., Sugayama, J., Kamasuka, T., Takada, S. and Takano, T., (1963), On the Anticancer Action of Bamboo Extract, Journal of Antibiotics, [B] 16, pp.387-390. You can find bamboo in everything from the flooring in houses to furniture. Bamboo plant is distinguished by its oval leaves and hollow stems that have nodes in between the segments. The young tender leaves can also be cut into small pieces and used for making pickles and for preparing meat and fish dishes. Any length is useful; you may do some creative exploration and arrange the poles in a staggered pattern. This inflammation usually results in painful cough, harsh breathing, huskiness or loss of voice. Even the sprouts undergo a very slow development, thus making this an ideal house plant. Benefits of Lucky Bamboo Plant are many! In places where the earth has been over-farmed for too many years, leaving the nutrients depleted and impoverished, bamboo has been very effective restoring the soil and reviving its fertility. Take a long bamboo pole and cut it into six pieces of different lengths. It supports any vining plant. இதனால் நீரானது வெளியில் செல்லாமல் மூங்கில் வளர்வதற்கு ஏற்றவாறு இருக்கும். Sometimes even small changes or adjustments can help make your lifestyle less damaging to the environment. The medicine helps to clear the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages, especially during cold. Instead, we need a holistic approach. 206-214.7. Choi, Y. J., Lim, H. S., Choi, J. S., Shin, S. Y., Bae, J. Y., Kang, S. W. and Kang, Y. H. (2008), Blockade of Chronic High Glucose–Induced Endothelial Apoptosis by Sasa borealis BambooExtract, Experimental Biology and Medicine, 233(5), pp. To start receiving timely alerts, as shown below click on the Green “lock” icon next to the address bar. The think arm should be shorter than the thick one. Privacy Policy: We dislike SPAM E-Mail. In many cases, their practices were primitive and foolhardy. 759-761.14. Even if the farmers aren’t harvesting bamboo for any of its thousands of uses, the bamboo still makes itself useful as a living thing. Bamboo wind chimes don’t make the same soothing sounds as metal ones but are still an attractive garden feature. Push it through the bottom of the hole on the base, then through the top hole, moving the knot out of the way to let it through. Indoor bamboo plants are considered as a symbol of good fortune in feng shui. 6, pp. Studies reveal that herbal medicine from the shoots, seeds, leaves and roots of the bamboo plant can be used for treating rhinorrhagia. Going green is a worthwhile goal, and choosing bamboo as your go-to material can be a great way to get closer to accomplishing it.

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