As young people text each other, they resort to shortcuts in the language to express their ideas. Blog Home / Language Learning / Popular French Slang and Texting Phrases – L’argot Français! That sucks! This is an insult used particularly (but not exclusively) against gullible or naive people. This verb is mainly used on the Internet. (I’m pissed!). (‘La bouffe’ can also be used as a noun to mean ‘food’. For example, here’s a screenshot from a video by a popular video blogger: Learning French slang?You might want to try learning French with real-world videos on FluentU! : 50 The word verlan itself is an example of verlan (making it an Autological word). A great, easy verb to throw into everyday conversation and a good way to pay someone a compliment, kiffer is another way of expressing that you like something, in a much less formal way. J’espère que vous n’êtes pas trop duper après cette introduction à l’argot français ! (use instead of Ça va? Television and movies have also brought lots of English words in today’s French slang. We live in a large house with 10 other people. Note that the cutting of You may consider using with a hint of irony, particularly as a non-native French speaker! The letter b is taken out and Your email address will not be published. Resources and ideas for language teachers, Useful Links for French Teachers & Students, Le subjonctif du présent / Present Subjunctive. And while this concept might seem a bit intimidating at first, you will find that you pick it up in no time at all and probably without even realizing. I like your brother. Mais c’est chiant ca!», “The restaurant is closed on Mondays!? «Je peux te taxer une clope, s’il te plait?», “Could I pinch a smoke from you, please?”. placed at the end of the word (onjourb), The first letter is replaced by “l” (Another common way of referring to money in slang terms is fric or pognon). Our first example is meuf, which was originally femme. Posted by 10 Awesome French Podcasts For French Learners, 9 Great Channels to Learn French on YouTube, 10 Tasty Tips for Teaching Yourself French, 7 Awesome Songs to Help You Learn French Through Music, 15 French Idioms You Should Know But Don’t, 15 French Slang Words Every French Learner Should Know. FluentU has a diverse range of great content. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. It is usually used affectionately among friends, but can be heard between ‘cool young men’ on the street. I have used grammar constructions in the Useful Expressions … First, get the right input: real, authentic content. Click here to get a copy. Slang isn’t actually a new form of language. Find out more. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Bobo is actually baby talk for une blessure (an injury). All Rights Reserved. And, as with the word femme, this term can be used to refer to a female, or your girlfriend, although it can have pejorative connotations. Pref. Here are a few examples) : * Answers are provided at the end of the article. Enrich your vocabulary with the French Definition dictionary Argot français : Langage courant (non officiel), utilisant un lexique dérivé du français et des locutions imagées. We’ve partnered with Rosetta Stone, a language learning provider. Argot, in het Nederlands eerder "argotisme" genoemd, is een aanduiding voor slang, straattaal of Bargoens.. De term is afkomstig uit het Frans.Een Nederlandse bron uit 1858 noemt het "eene soort van koeterwaalsch, onder de dieven en bedelaars in Frankrijk in gebruik".. Sociale groepen kunnen een eigen argot ontwikkelen dat voor buitenstaanders, opzettelijk, onbegrijpelijk is. For example: On habite dans une grosse baraque avec 10 colocs. Second, you’ll have to identify and record any words that you don’t know. The French wikipedia says “Great argot specialists object to this cryptic hypothesis and even its defenders have to amend it. Translates to ‘guy’ in a general sense, as a more casual way of describing a man, but is also commonly used to describe a boyfriend. However, young people in France have also taken to using it as an adverb, like we do in English to say that something is ‘seriously’ good or ‘crazy’ fast. This is true Parisian slang, and you will definitely impress people by dropping this into conversation. You can complete the translation of argot given by the French Definition dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Grévisse, French-Definition dictionary : translate French words into Definition with online dictionaries. You can tap on any word to see an image, definition, and useful examples. J'ai pas eu l'occase d'assister au party. Of course, you would not use it in conversation with your boss, but certainly among friends; it makes your French sound very authentic. Another term used by today’s generation, which you may not already know is the word  kiffer, which is slang for to like something (it works best with a hobby!). You may have not understood this expression. You need to reverse syllables to speak verlan. However, they’re using words which you perhaps thought meant one thing, and which clearly mean another…. FluentU lets you learn real French – the same way that people speak it in real life. This is a casual word for a woman, most similar to the English ‘chick’ and used in the same way. Learning French slang is simple but not easy. Swipe left or right to see more examples for the word you’re learning. Occasionally replacing aimer with kiffer will be sure to make you sound like a local among young people. It is neither complimentary nor particularly insulting when used on its own. Required fields are marked *, For 24/7 customer service Few corrections...Je t'aime ben. Blé literally translates as wheat in English. All rights reserved. That guy is good-looking. Immigration in France in the second half of the 20th century has influenced the way slang is used today. He’s a complete liar!”. You may have not understood this expression. If this sounds like a lot of work, there’s another option: FluentU. French slang has been influenced by a large number of different languages. )une boum=a party (use instead of une fête)un party=a party (use instead of une fête)piger=to get, to understand (use instead of comprendre)s'en ficher=to not care, to be fed up (use instead of Ça m'est égal)ouais=yeah (use instead of oui)ben=can be used in place of bien (well) in certain situationsgros/grosse=big, fat (use instead of grand/grande)t'as=you have (use instead of tu as)l'occase=the chance, the occasion (use instead of l'occasion)dégoter=to get (use instead of obtenir)pas grand'chose=no big deal (use instead of pas grave)faire gaffe=to watch out (use instead of faire attention)un flic=a cop (use instead of un gendarme)une bagnole=a car (use instead of une voiture)un gars=a guy (use instead of un garçon)McDo=McDonald's (use instead of McDonald's)Useful ExpressionsT'es allé à la boum ?Did you go to the party?Tu piges ?Get it?Je m'en fiche !I don't care!Je t'aime ben gros.I like you a lot.J'ai pas eu l'occase d'assister au party.I didn't get the chance to attend the party.Faites gaffe, les gars !Watch out guys!Pourquoi t'as tant bouffé ?Why did you eat so much?

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