I ordered mine in early January, and it showed up in late March. If you like your belt tight, and you’re in periods of weight loss and weight gain — that might be a primary consideration for you. Omega Lever Bench Belt - 2 inch wide. Products [27] Quick View. The Inzer Forever Belt also comes in 13-MM & 10-MM. I don't think the PL equipment companies are anywhere near as big as people assume them to be in terms of manpower, production capabilities etc. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I ordered mine on Feb. 13 (colored) and this being the 8th week, I called them up to get an update and the person told me that I should be expecting its arrival by the end of the month. $59.00. The 10-mm will make it not restrictive at all and very easy to break in. I don't understand Inzer's business model. Breaking in your belt is overrated. I ordered my belt years ago and it took close to 6 weeks. Knowing that they've had issues recently, people are still lining up to purchase their belts. I bought it for $50 and ended up using it very rigorously for a year-ish. Inzer probably can't keep up with the rush of people who've had to buy IPF approved belts. If you’d like to see a list of manufacturers that follow USPA belt rules, you can simply use the IPF & USAPL Approved Belts list. The Rogue leather belt is a very high-quality belt with also very competitive pricing. Ships within 1 business day (6) Select Options. I've heard from many people in the company that their manufacturer can't keep up with demand. If they have better customer service, it will only be even sweeter for them when it comes to word of mouth. It allows you the use of adjustability of a single-prong, with the ease of use of a lever belt. You can just tell. They're so behind they're not even accepting new orders atm. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The one exception are the less-intense W30 Red Line Knee Wraps that are made for beginner to intermediate lifters. Seems like it's working to me. Patent-Pending Buckle Design for Easy Adjusting, Used by Thousands of Competitive Lifters to Smash PR’s, $50 for a great budget-level starter belt, One-day shipping for Amazon users (if available in your city), Manufactured in the USA by a well-known market leader. Thanks, and damn. Then I get it and it is took small. All Inzer knee wraps are available for purchase on their website. Nearly all IPF approved Inzer wraps are intended for experienced lifters. It’s IPF-Approved & used by thousands of competitive lifters. The Inzer Forever Belt also comes in 13-MM & 10-MM. In contrast, the Inzer Forever Belt needs to be unscrewed and it doesn’t allow for the same ease of adjustability. Seems to be the case. Texas Training Power Belt 4 inches - 10cm Wide. Damn I got mine in just in time sounds like it's to expand for them they could be raking it in right now. Just know that it'll be taking longer than the 6-8 week "estimate" they're giving. It’s a bad boy. It has a competitive price tag at $109, and it comes from a trusted company with great reviews. Ordered my belt from them on March 13. Potentially a controversial choice, but there’s one main reason for why I’d consider the Inzer Forever Belt the go-to lever belt for serious lifters. $80.00. Get a cheap one and you might not even notice that it’s there to begin with — until it snaps in half, that is. Phone calls are better than ordering online but its never been good. Inzer’s belts being the only brand of the two that’s approved for competitive powerlifting by the IPF is a conclusive win by knockout for anyone that’s considering using the belt in a real competition. Then recently I ordered a single ply suit from them and it took like 3 months! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, M | 512.5 Kg | 93 Kg | 322 Wk | USAPL | RAW, M | 737.5kg | 82.5kg | 502 Wilks | Raw | USPA, M | 622.5kg | 92.2kg | 392Wks | British Powerlifting (IPF) | Raw, M | 907kg | 105kg | 543wks | USAPL | Single-Ply, M | 725 kg | 131.5 kg | 409W ks | USPA | Raw, M l 422.5 Kg l 81.3 Kg l USAPL l 285 Wk | RAW. Before we go into the details of each, let’s define the criteria that we’re judging buy: What makes the Pioneer Cut Belt the best belt on the market, in my opinion, is because of this: I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it’s by far my favorite belt. And the final note here, and why I really believe this is the Best Lever Belt is because performance (weight lifted on the bar) will be the same independent of the price tag. it's been bad ever since the first announcement by IPF sanctioning certain brands. Pioneer Stock Belt Review: TIGHTEST Spring-Prong Belt Ever. IPF Approved Belts; IPF Approved Belts. I would definitely recommend it as the go-to option for those still new to training with belts and looking for a budget or starter option. The main reason to choose the SBD Belt over this one would be because of the adjustable buckle. On the plus side, it's bright blue and I squatted 425 in a meet the first time I tried it. I ordered one on Feb 25. I've heard from many people in the company that their manufacturer can't keep up with demand. The SBD Belt is a premium leather belt which seems to be the most popular brand out there right now. Anytime you order between December and April, expect a longer turnover time. Does the price reflect its performance/functionality? Quick View. It’s IPF-Approved & used by thousands of competitive lifters. Same, I ordered one and they said 4-6 weeks and they would let me know when it was being made. They said it'll be done in 4 weeks and a couple days for shipping hopefully. Thousands of reps later and a LOT of use: this belt served me faithfully and it’s always what I recommend beginner-level lifters to use. Why spend money fixing a "problem" that doesn't affect your revenue? In all, it’s a great starting belt for many people. The belt is backed by a trusted and reputable company, and you do get free shipping if you buy one of their cool Rogue shirts. I know, I was hoping to rock my fuchsia (hot pink) belt :(. Its been bad since at least 2007. If it wasn’t for the Pioneer Cut being available, I’d most likely go with this belt. IPF and USAPL Approved Belts. It’s IPF-Approved & used by thousands of competitive lifters. I dont get it either. For a company that is clearly the most popular one when it comes to powerlifting belts, I'm pretty sure they earn a lot of money, like lots of it. Just because you're the biggest doesn't mean you can treat your customers/patrons like shit. All that generates is animosity and after a while a vacuum for other companies to come in and fill the void. Invest in a good one and it’ll be with you for thousands and thousands of reps and a few years. Is this because monopoly? And that’s why I included it as the Honorable Mention. If you’re someone who has the budget to afford this and doesn’t want to fiddle around with a screwdriver to adjust the tightness of a belt — this is the choice for you. Why does it take 12 weeks to make a belt? Ugh, it's been bad ever since the first announcement by IPF sanctioning certain brands. The Pioneer Cut (half-inch spacing) allows this single-prong belt more micro-adjustments for exact tightness. It looks great and is IPF-Approved. Texas Training Belt Tapered Front. Usually ships in 1 business day (3) Select Options. Leather powerlifting belts are very durable and cost-effective. How does it compare with other belts with similar functionality. To cut to the chase, here are the winners from each category: Best Overall: Pioneer Cut Belt by General Leathercraft (Go HERE to Buy), Best Lever Belt: Inzer Forever Belt (Best Deal On the ‘Net), Best Budget: Sweat Steel Leather Belt (Buy On Amazon). I called and called and they could not tell me anything except it was still being made. It's been 4 weeks already and haven't heard shit. A Complete Breakdown of All Leather Powerlifting Belts, Best Overall: Pioneer Cut Belt by General Leathercraft. The SBD Belt has a $240 price tag. Belts. TL;DR: Belts are taking an addition 3-4weeks apparently. SBD has taken over in a major way. And the final note here, and why I really believe this is the Best Lever Belt is because performance (weight lifted on the bar) will be the same independent of the price tag. It is also: At any powerlifting meet or major competition in the last few years, it’d be hard to miss this belt. Because they can do what the hell they want, take as much time as they need manufacturing the belts (giving inaccurate wait times) knowing they're the only place to get it from? I don’t know how popular this belt is but I found it on Amazon while shopping for a starter-level belt. I'm kinda in the same boat with bestbelts. Inzer is pretty much the sole supplier for Texas highschool powerlifting gear, which is just coming to an end.

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