Athens (under Pericles and then Nicias) successful until 424. Athens makes little forays on the Peloponnese by sea and Sparta destroys areas in the countryside of Attica. Athens makes a disastrous expedition into Boeotia. 1st Stage of the Peloponnesian War (Archidamian War) From 431-421 . This war started in 431 and ended in 421 with something that came close to an Athenian victory and a Spartan defeat. Archidamian War: name of the first part of the Peloponnesian War (431-404), the great conflict between Athens and Sparta. They try to recover Amphipolis (422), unsuccessfully. It is called after the Spartan king Archidamus II . The Archidamian War is the first part of the Second Peloponnesian War and was characterised by the Spartan besiegement of Athens which led to the development of a plague within Athens that killed many Athenians, including Pericles. 431 BCE

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