Q6. Tell Me About Yourself… This is often one of the most dreaded questions in an interview. Following his enthusiasm for our Salesforce system, he has now been handed the responsibility of training new and existing staff members which again has helped him to build further confidence and expand his role. But it’s particularly important when it comes to apprenticeships, because many apprenticeship roles don’t need any qualifications or experience, so employers need to know that you’re excited about the role and are keen to learn. Re-read your application and make sure you know what to expect from the interview – contact the recruitment team directly to ask if you’re not sure. Tell your teacher or careers advisor about Success at School. Remember, your interviewer will want to get to know you so they can envisage working with you and this process is for your benefit as much as our so make sure you ask lots of questions! The apprenticeship interview is a panel interview. I fully understand that you want to take someone on within this apprenticeship who will not only work hard to do the job properly, but who will also continually grow and develop as the apprenticeship progresses. Saying that you could walk to work in 10 minutes if you get the apprenticeship is not the right approach. Recruitment advice, company news and championing causes we’re passionate about. If you are going to have to give a presentation or talk in depth about a specific project, make sure you’ve prepared. Five ‘graduate’ careers you can get into via an apprenticeship, Degrees for introverts and extroverts: subjects that suit your personality. One of the common apprenticeship interview questions employers may bring up is about your plans for the future. What should I study at university for a career in public service? In this way you’re showing both your research skills as well as your dedication and ambition. It could be from class, a hobby, volunteering, your part-time job or even at home. It can be helpful to look at the job description before your interview and make a note of the personal qualities they are looking for in a candidate so you can then relate this back to yourself. )…, Main image via Pexels, hiring via Freepik. To make sure your answer is up to scratch, spend some time beforehand thinking about all the different ways you might have developed these key transferable skills. This style of interview question focuses your skills and competencies and aims to find out if you are a good match for the role. Soft Skills: Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Work Ethic, Flexibility/Adaptability, Interpersonal Skills etc. Engage with people passing by, smile and say hello! Future careers: which job areas will grow? This is particularly important if you've mentioned them in your CV or online application, as your interviewer may decide that these are good topics to question you on. We’re willing to bet you’ve got a lot more of them than you think! So there is no risk. Interview Questions for Logistics Manager. Tyne North Training is a specialist apprenticeship training provider. Register with Success at School to save your favourite jobs, careers advice and courses, build your CV, record your work experience and talk to employers and unis in our forums. Video interviews or online interviews are used by some employers instead of phone interviews. Q8. These bonuses include free guides, powerful online training and more! I went today and got the job on the spot! I had my interview yesterday, and I did great! Quick links for this article. This is quite a tough question to answer because no-one has a crystal ball but, like in all your responses, honesty is the best policy. Here at Tyne North Training, we have over 450 apprentices and we only employ Training Officers who are sector specialists so that all apprentices are supported by Training Officers who have the first-hand experience of their role. This will not only better prepare you for your interviewer, but it will also help you improve on a personal level. Apprentice Interviews : Great Answers For Common Interview Questions 7th June 2017 The application and interview process for an apprenticeship place … “Be honest; we are all human and appreciate that some areas may need more help than others – this doesn’t make you unemployable!” Arrive at 10:45 am. How do I get into a career in TV or radio production? We collect this because sometimes we send information and opportunities that are relevant to a particular region or school/college type. Choosing a degree and university for your science career, Science apprenticeships – your job options at 18, What it's like to do a law apprenticeship, My experience of the International Baccalaureate programme, Taking an extended project qualification (EPQ), Taking level 3 BTEC sport and exercise science. “Employers are always keen to meet with talented people that will make a difference within their business, so be confident about what you know.”. Direct your response to whoever asked the question, but make sure you make brief eye contact with the others as well. Some of the most crucial skills are problem-solving, time-management, communication, teamwork, and adaptability. I want this particular apprenticeship for three reasons, the first reason is that it will enable me to work within an industry that I am passionate about; the second reason is the apprenticeship will allow me to learn a huge amount whilst developing new skills and qualities; and finally, you are an organization that has a brilliant reputation and I would feel very proud being a part of your team for the duration of the apprenticeship.”, “Although I have little work experience to date, I feel I am mature, and I understand that the apprenticeship will only be successful if I put in the hard work and learn and develop as my time here progresses. Please use a modern browser to access our site and revisit us once you have upgraded, thank you. You don’t want to be rushing into your interview at the very last second. The dreaded and predictable strengths and weaknesses question! While you can never fully predict the questions that you’ll be asked in an interview; you can certainly prepare for some of the more common ones. I was just wondering which GCSE subjects i should pursue for the job of maxillofacial surgeon, (I would prefer to become... Sign in with Success at School to save your favourite jobs, careers advice and courses, build your CV, record your work experience and talk to employers and unis in our forums. Motivational interview questions aim to find out whether you are genuinely motivated to take on the opportunity on offer. As part of your journey onto an Apprenticeship programme, at some point you will need to attend an interview. Have examples of work so the employer understands what your strengths are.”. Turn it off. The interviewer is looking for very specific answers when it comes to this question. You could be interviewed by one or two people or a whole panel, and your interviewer(s) could be a senior partner, a member of the HR team or your prospective manager. First off – no-one is good at everything, we all have weaknesses, but in an interview scenario it is better to talk about areas of improvement.

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