's to give the s separation from the second period. Correct: The Flannerys are coming over. In English, nouns frequently become adjectives. Rule 1c. OR She consulted with three M.D.'s. The apostrophe is placed where a letter or letters have been removed. Care must be taken to place the apostrophe outside the word in question. Adjectives rarely if ever take apostrophes. So it would be: In 2019, the AP raised quite the ruckus when they tweeted that they were considering adding an S after the apostrophe for singular proper nouns, as in Mavis Staples’s album or Martha Reeves’s concert. A. Many common nouns end in the letter s (lens, cactus, bus, etc.). This is called a possessive apostrophe. However, if one of the joint owners is written as a pronoun, use the possessive form for both. There are various approaches to plurals for abbreviations, single letters, and numerals. Incorrect: Talking to one's self in public is odd. Most experts suggest you form the plural form of the word first, then add the apostrophe. ), Ludwig and Ludmilla’s wedding (The wedding was for both the blushing groom and the bride. Examples: Material created by Jane Straus and GrammarBook.com. Many writers and editors prefer an apostrophe after single capitalized letters. Correct: his and Maribel's home, Incorrect: you and Maribel's home pdf, 290 KB. Note: As the above examples demonstrate, when one of the co-owners is written as a pronoun, use possessive adjectives (my, your, her, our, their). Possessive-Apostrophes-HA. the boss's wife Explore more than 85 'Apostrophes For Possession' resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on 'Apostrophes … Instead, when it comes to possessives, we have a motley mix of differing guidelines issued by stylebooks, grammarians, and grade school teachers. a woman's hat If the plural noun is not showing ownership, don’t use an apostrophe. For example, the Beatles is a singular noun, but it’s in the form of a plural word. It's better for its health. Incorrect: The Flanneries are coming over. Correct: the Joneses' car. The plurals of most English nouns — anything greater than one — already end with the letter s. To show ownership, all you do is add an apostrophe after the s. Take a look at these examples: ten gerbils’ tiny teeth (the tiny teeth belong to ten gerbils), many dinosaurs’ petrified teeth (the petrified teeth belong to a herd of dinosaurs), a thousand sword swallowers’ sliced teeth (the sliced teeth belong to a thousand sword swallowers). If the plural noun shows ownership, do add an apostrophe after the s (for regular plurals). Incorrect: Mine and Maribel's home Remember that an apostrophe shows ownership. A. Lulu told Lola that Lochness needs a years work on his gum disease. Preview and details Files included (3) pdf, 347 KB. “a turning away,” which makes sense as it was first used in English to represent missing letters in a word. Correct: I voted in ’08. To show possession in French, for example, you say. Incorrect: him and Maribel's home Rule 2: Plural nouns, on the other hand, generally don’t get an extra S, just an apostrophe. Correct: He's a United States citizen. Remembering Jane Straus | May 18, 1954—February 25, 2011 | Author of the original Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Read more. Incorrect: ‘Twas the night before Christmas. (Eggworthy doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know his cholesterol count. Correct: Maribel's and my home, Incorrect: he and Maribel's home So do a lot of proper nouns (Mr. Jones, Texas, Christmas). Others, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, say if the word before sake ends in an S, then it should just get an apostrophe. Do These Words Best Describe A Sagittarius? Rule 4b. The correct word is till, which is many centuries older than until. If you can rephrase the expression using the word of, you may need an apostrophe. Take a look at these same phrases — with the same meaning — using apostrophes: All of these phrases include nouns that express ownership.

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