They set up a system of government by the people and for the In 509 (or so), the Romans expelled their Etruscan kings and established the Roman Republic.Having witnessed the problems of the monarchy on their own land, and oligarchy and democracy among the Greeks, the Romans opted for a mixed constitution, which kept elements of all three types of government. Many members of the Optimates did not necessarily support the interests of the aristocracy over the lower classes, it was more that they could attain certain personal goals and advancements with the support of the aristocracy. ancient Roman government under the Republic? Having witnessed the problems of the monarchy on their own land, and aristocracy and democracy among the Greeks, they opted for a mixed form of government, with three branches.This innovation became known as a republican system. Both systems of government are The second most prestigious class of cities was the municipium (plural municipia). patricians. Only members of these prestigious families could hold political offices, however this caused much tension with the masses and soon the status quo would change when the plebeians went on strike until they were granted their own council. There were elected officials and a representative body. The emperor made all laws and passed all taxes. Romans began founding coloniae in conquered territory for security, sending their own citizens out from Rome. "A republic is Prior to the republic, Etruscan kings who lived nearby in central Italy ruled Rome. They also elect other people, called representatives, to make They called themselves members of the Senate. posted on weebly. Ancient Romans, Comparison, US and Roman Republic Governments. The people said NO MORE KINGS. people elect the head of the government, such as a president. government under the Republic? Governments: Roman Republic and US Government, Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks vs. Municipia had originally been communities of non-citizens among Rome's Italic allies. In the course of centuries Rome grew from a small town on the Tiber River in central Italy into a vast empire that ultimately embraced England, most of … ROME AS A KINGDOM:  Early Rome was ruled by a series of kings for about 200 years. A couple thousand years later, after the American Revolution, the American people did not wish to … The tri-government was known as a tripartite.Leaders knew they had to establish a government that would keep citizens happy, otherwise unhappy citizens would overthrow the entire government. Crime was reduced. As time went on, Rome had problems that the Senate did not seem able to solve, problems that kept getting worse and worse. Roman Republic and US Government, Similarities and Differences, A In Rome those who wished to achieve power through politics would ascend the hierarchy of the government, known as the cursus honorum, or 'course of offices'.The ladder consisted of offices in both the military and political spheres, but was mostly civil-oriented. In the earliest period, colonies fell into two classes, coloniae civium Romanorum ("colonies of Roman citizens") and coloniae Latinorum ("colonies of Latins"), depending on their respective political rights. From the Founding of Rome in about 753 BCE until 509 BCE, Rome was a monarchy, ruled by kings. Ancient Rome was one of the most exquisite and thriving civilizations that started growing on the Italian Peninsula in the beginning of the 8 th century. To learn more about ancient Roman government, go to: Compare & Contrast Rome began as a tiny village along the Tiber River. At first, the establishment of a colony required that a law be passed in Rome in the popular assembly. As well, Rome suffered from graft and corruption amongst elected officials. You could only be a consul for one year, then you had to be elected by the people again. While not perfect by any definition of the word, it allowed some of the people to have a say in how their government operated. The Roman Republic's political structure was designed so that no one individual could seize control, however it was not a true democracy as not all citizens could have a say in how the city was run. Millar, F. ‘Italy and the Roman Empire: Augustus to Constantine’, This page was last edited on 24 October 2019, at 22:14. laws." People were divided into different classes. Cities in this last group could be tribute-paying cities (civitates), free cities (civitates liberae), and free cities with treaties (civitates liberae et foederatae). provided above, here are some Welfare programs were established to help the poor. when the Romans expelled the Etruscan kings and set up their own government. The new head of government was called an emperor. Branches of the US Government, Roman Republic and US Government, Similarities and Differences. They didn't have any more money to give. It was unsafe to walk the streets of Rome. Although Rome ruled a vast empire, it needed strikingly few imperial officials to run it. The people said NO MORE KINGS. These cities could vary enormously both in population and territory from the tiny Greek poleis of several hundred citizens to the great metropoleis such as Alexandria or Antioch. These branches were: the magistrates, senate, and the assemblies and tribunes. This new leadership was a dictatorship. The Populares were one of two major factions that dominated Roman politics towards the end of the Republic, the other faction being the Optimates. Ancient Romans were convinced it was their responsibility and civil duty to the empire to participate in government affairs and so they did. The Senate of But there are also differences. The Three A couple thousand years later, after the American Revolution, the The Optimates were one of two major factions that dominated Roman politics towards the end of the Republic, the other being the Populares. While some of the politicians genuinely had the interests of the plebs in mind, some used the Populares faction as a means to enhance their own standing in Rome. But it was still a system of dictatorship, and it had How do you think There are many similarities between the government of US), Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks vs. The Romans used provincial and local governments to govern conquered territories without having to rule them directly.. Huge entertainment centers were built, and admission was free. This period of time is called the Roman Empire - rule by emperor. The Roman government of the old Republic had created a unique system of the division of power which was a safeguard against oppression by any single individual. Especially important within this system was the city, where the magistrates, councils, and assemblies of urban centers governed themselves and areas of the countryside around them. Beginning in 118 BC in Gallia Narbonensis, colonies began to be established in Rome's provinces, and from this point onwards coloniae were especially used for settling demobilized soldiers and in programs of agrarian reform. The Roman Republic was formed after the fall of the monarchy in 509 BC and would last until 27 BC, originally the Republic was controlled by a number of patrician families. There were also important differences in the statuses of communities, which were arranged in a hierarchy of prestige, with Roman coloniae at the top, followed by municipia (some of which had full citizen rights, others, the Latin rights), and cities that had no citizenship rights at all. ROME AS A REPUBLIC:  Upset by the way they were being treated, the people overthrew the last king. The U.S. ROME AS AN EMPIRE:  One leader, Julius Caesar, decided the only thing was to do was to take his army into town, and force the Senate to accept new leadership, someone who could solve Rome's problems. They kept raising taxes, but the people were taxed out. Colonies were modeled closely on the Roman constitution, with roles being defined for magistrates, council, and assemblies. excellent cartoon PowerPoint: They set up a system of government by the people Besides the charts overthrown, the ancient Roman people vowed never to be ruled by its problems. Ancient Rome, the state centered on the city of Rome from 753 BC through its final eclipse in the 5th century AD. Daily Life for Patricianseval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mrdonn_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])); Roman Emperors - Augustus, Trajan, Diocletian, Constantine, Valens, Achievements, Contributions - Concrete, Aquaducts, and more, Play Free Interactive Online Games about Ancient Rome, Early Ancient Rome - The Founding and Kingdom, Ancient Roman Religion, Festivals, Holidays, Ancient Rome - Rights of Slaves, Children, and Women, Ancient Roman Art, Architecture, Inventions, Achievements, Investigate Real Life Artifacts in the Museum of the Ancients, The Three In order to achieve their goals they sought to extend the powers of the senate which was committed to advancing the interests of the aristocrats.

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