SeaWorld Entertainment seems to be coming back from their Blackfish era problems. Disney, which reported a two billion dollar loss across its theme park division in April-June alone, has now slashed opening hours across its four parks. First reopened California amusement park closes back down after only one weekend Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will reclose after Santa Cruz County moved back to the red/substantial tier 2 … Those that are currently offering rooms for around £35 a night will find it hard to stay solvent much longer with rock-bottom rates and only minimal business. However, the actions that defined the company between 2005 and 2010 do serve as a good set of bookends to bookend this unfortunate era of trouble in the amusement park industry. The dazzling Star Wars area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios will again be rammed with wannabe Jedis. That “unexpected reversal” has also seen Orlando’s huge convention centre lose more than one billion dollars in business so far this year, while two-thirds of the city’s 120,000 hotel rooms remain empty. The sudden closure after being open nearly a century came as a bit of a shock. Learn how to join the Coaster101 team here! On the creative side of things within the amusement industry, I have heard that various projects are vanishing right and left. According to anonymous sources, many projects that were in the early stages of development are finding themselves on indefinite hold. Your email address will not be published. This started with Clementon Park in New Jersey, which shut downa few weeks before the end of its 2019 season last fall. But, there are signs of trouble in the amusement park industry here. Equally, some of the smaller attractions, like WhirlyDome and I-Drive Nascar indoor karting, have already given up the ghost. Long before coronavirus appeared in our daily headlines, my “spider-sense” was starting to tingle back in late 2019. By the end of February 2020, the industry saw three smaller amusement parks in North America close. Enchanted Forest in Oregon is closed for at least two weeks. Parks that have … According to the National Amusement Park Historical Association, there are approximately … Can I go on holiday or travel between tiers 1, 2 or 3? And Harry Potter will work his wizardry over Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure once more. Then, it changed hands and reopened as Freestyle Music Park, only to repeat the same fate in 2009. The the Magic: Dominic Wigley Talks Safety First at Merlin We’re keeping a running list of amusement parks and theme parks that are closed or open during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. For now, stay well and be smart. Required fields are marked *. Learn how your comment data is processed. They will close until at least March 15. Not exactly the backdrop to happy theme-parking. Many of the seasonal parks in North America and Europe are now preparing to open for the season. Operators are currently waiting and watching to see how things play out across the rest of the world. Its 2019 year-end report did not impress investors and saw the company’s stock price plunge 34% in February 2020. Universal Studios Singapore has stayed open and promoted increased measures of cleaning in the park to ensure guest safety. So, the impact of the virus will soon be seen on many levels. These indicators reminded me of the tough times from 12 years prior during the last recession. This started with Clementon Park in New Jersey, which shut down a few weeks before the end of its 2019 season last fall. Currently, we are watching a world where coronavirus has been spreading outwards from China. GOT a story? There are already some signs of trouble in the amusement park industry. Covid rules explained, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. California theme park closures hit jobs, shops, budget. by Amy Taxin, The Associated Press. Even Hollywood is taking a hard look at their release schedule following the sudden delay of the next James Bond action film, No Time To Die. little... How March 13, 2020. New game: Jumpball for ValoJump® – also for events and... Superflume / Dark Ride – Dino Action at Jawa Timur Park 3. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Protecting Empty theme parks face a wave of closures as the Covid crisis bites. This was followed in February with the announcement from Apex Parks that it was shutting down its Indiana Beach (Indiana) and Fantasy Island (New York) amusement parks. California theme park closures hit jobs, shops, budget. On the business side, will parks be able to find employees this season? Will the thrill hungry crowds still arrive at the front gate as they have in the past. Another factor that will impact staffing issues is the fact that many parks in North America rely on foreign workers on VISA programs from other countries. Hello! Check back frequently for updates. Now Six Flags isn’t to blame for what happened elsewhere. Looking for something specific? The world is my stage: Puy du Fou’s Nicolas de Villiers talks... How Monterey Bay Aquarium is engaging AND generating revenue with... Game engines: why they matter for the future of location-based... Attractions news 21.11.20: EPCOT | Academy Museum | #ShopMuseums. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Hard Rock Park opened in 2008 in South Carolina only to close by the end of the same season. Your email address will not be published. Or will guests instead opt-out? California’s amusement parks have been pining to reopen for months, hoping to bring back thousands of workers sent home in March when the coronavirus pandemic forced them to … 2007 saw the new Wild West World park in Kansas open and close within a couple of months. I really enjoyed riding the Son Of Beast. However, Japan has currently asked all major attractions to close down from the end of February. Your email address will not be published. And every ten minutes, the sombre tannoy reminders for visitors to wear face masks, wash their hands and keep their distance rang out like the harbingers of doom. Other victims of the era included the closing of Celebration City in 2008, Cypress Gardens in 2009, and ended with Six Flags abandoning its Kentucky Kingdom park at the start of 2010. In addition to this, a few established parks folded under the weight of financial pressure. Each has a history of corporate streamlining and boosting profits at underperforming companies. Instead of thousands, there were hundreds. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Restaurants are also struggling, with only a fraction of the visitors they are used to seeing, notably along the usually bustling stretch of International Drive. There are already some signs of trouble in the amusement park industry. There was also the resulting sale of several smaller parks in 2007 as well as cutbacks in capital expansions and more. Jumping ahead to the end of 2019, certain parks and chains were showing signs of potential struggles and scaling back on their expansion plans. Sculpteurs de Rêves: exploring live-action games and immersive... Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair 2020. If that is the widescreen version of the Disney picture, the smaller one is not much rosier. These parks have not yet announced reopening dates or will remain closed for 2020: Adventure City (Anaheim, CA): closed until further notice, Belmont Park: closed until further notice, California’s Great America: closed for 2020 season, Delgrosso’s Amusement Park: closed for 2020 season, Disney California Adventure: proposed opening delayed, Knott’s Berry Farm: closed until further notice, Legoland California: closed until further notice, Legoland New York: grand opening delayed until 2021, Luna Park (New York City): opening postponed until further notice, Morey’s Pier: closed until further notice, SeaWorld San Diego: closed until further notice, Six Flags Magic Mountain: closed until further notice, Six Flags Mexico: closed until further notice, Six Flags New England: closed until further notice, Universal Studios Hollywood: closed until further notice, Western Playland (Sunland Park, NM): closed until further notice.

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