A  The use of the word stultifying refers to the boy’s experience of life on his family’s farm; later in the sentence, the passage tells us that the boy felt landlocked by this life, so something like trapped would fit well. F  For every temperature setting in each figure, the temperature changes fastest in the beginning and slower as time progresses. Choices (G) and (H) give the measures for the wrong angles. The correct answer, choice (A), correctly summarizes this information. Therefore, choice (B) is the correct answer. Choice (F) wrongly assumes the absence of a x8 term. F  If , then s = −2r. Choices (F), (G), and (H) are all the result of incorrectly canceling out terms without factoring. The formula for the area of a triangle is A=bh. K  Factor the numerator and denominator separately: . Choice (G) is not supported anywhere in the passage. Choice (B) gives you  × 100 = 55%. 23. J  Looking at Figure 2, the 0°C setting is the lowest curve, represented by triangles. Next, if one groomsman takes the first position, how many possible groomsmen are left to take the second position? If you chose either choices (J) or (K), be careful—this question is asking about the probability of selecting a certain score; the actual numerical value of that score is not relevant. Choice (J), while related to this paragraph, is too extreme in wording and does not answer the question of the intended effect of adding quotation marks around a certain term. 7. 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120 total possible orderings. So, A=(8)(4)=16. This paragraph discusses how a word becomes viewed as slang based on a very subjective assessment of the people who use that word. Figure 1 shows that nitrobenzene has a viscosity higher than that of diethyl ether, and Figures 2 and 3 show that Additive A lowers the viscosity of both ethanol and diethyl ether; however, you cannot assume that treatment of nitrobenzene with Additive A would lower its viscosity below 0.07cP. 30. Now use the 8 quarter-hour package: fixed cost + $15 × 8 = $2000 to find that the fixed cost is $80. This proportionality means that the function must be a straight line, eliminating choice (E), with the equation y = kx, where k is a constant. Therefore, by process of elimination, choice (A) is the only possibility. There is also no evidence in the passage to suggest that Gaudi changed his building’s design (choice (D)) according to surroundings or other people’s desires. Choice (A), the best answer, is a good paraphrase of this information. 51. Choice (H) is the sum of 5 and 13, which is not the correct operation to calculate lengths of a right triangle. Scientist 2 argues that any increase in the concentration of a solution will lower its freezing point, so you can eliminate choices (G) and (J). J  Choice (J) is correct because the boy was eager to learn about navigation from the captain, as seen in lines 52−55, and the passage shows us the captain’s dislike of ignorance, which he sees as dangerous (line 51). Therefore, a current of 500 A must be associated with a train velocity of 2 × 200 m/s = 400 m/s. The value of f(1) becomes the new x-value for the outside f function, so determine f(−2) = −2(−2)3 = −2(−8) = 16. Thus, choice (F) has the greatest decrease in viscosity of approximately 1.1 cP. D  Using the features listed in Table 1 for Bat II, follow the steps in Figure 1. The line to the x-intercept must have the same slope. 19. Therefore the hypotenuse is , so cos θ =  and sin θ = . Choice (G) is the result if you incorrectly set up tan θ = . First, determine the value of the inside f(1) = −2(1)3 = −2. 16. Choice (D) is incorrect because nothing in the passage implies productivity. C  Use the formula given and replace variables with values from the diagram. A  Average kinetic energy is directly proportional to temperature. 10. H  In order for casein to remain undigested, casein must first be present in the solution. Choices (G), (H), and (K) result if you use the wrong value of m for December. Choice (G) shows this direct increasing linear relationship. Now compare the respective freezing point of each solution. Now, substitute the answer choices for the value of t to see which choice equals 10,560 feet. × (3 !)] 49. Each English test includes 5 passages with 15 questions each, for a total of 75 multiple-choice questions. Choice (H) effectively ties the first paragraph’s anecdote to the purpose of the passage as a whole, discussing the academic treatment of slang. C  Pepsin is described as an enzyme that is involved with protein breakdown, and that is active in an acidic environment. Careful not to select choice (C), which is the y-intercept. 33. Solution 4 thus had more dissolved particles, enabling you to eliminate choices (F) and (H). 30. J  Look at the passage closely, the passage states that ground density and propagation duration were controlled in the experiment. Choice (J) addresses this detail. J  From the passage, Studies 1 and 2 were conducted using sound intensities of 60 and 80 dB, respectively. Since December is 7 months after May and m = 0 in May, m = 7 in December. Choices (B) and (D) are unsupportable and make use of the trap language association between traditionally and old-fashioned as well as the military and strict. Moreover, there is no support in the passage that his creations ever blurred the distinction between art and nature—no one mistook his buildings for nature itself. The factor (x − 4) on both the top and the bottom of the fraction cancel each other out, so you’re left with choice (K). Choice (C) is the only option that fits. Liquid water is not discussed until paragraph five, ruling out choice (G). D  The term hospitable planets is used in the fifth paragraph, during the discussion of temperature and liquid water. 23. C  Figure 1 shows that the viscosity of water at 70°C is approximately 0.4 cP. 20 inches is too big: If the paper table were 20 inches tall on either side, the top of the table would be a line. 38. the saltwater temperature goes from 50°C to about 22°C, a change of 28°C, a much greater change than those recorded in any of the other 100-minute intervals listed in the answer choices. The project was unsuccessful in its search for alien life, making choice (B) incorrect. 7. Choice (D) is a partial answer. This edition contains questions equivalent to 6 full-length practice tests. Radii  and  form two right triangles with chord , so you can use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the two missing legs: 52 + b2 = 132, so b = 12. Be careful here—a large negative number is smaller than a small one! the temperature is about 31°C. A  Only Scientist 1 states that the physical properties (charge) of the solute have an impact on changing the freezing point of a solvent. F  The lower the cooling device’s temperature setting, the longer it takes for the saltwater to reach that temperature. The sum of the two lowest scores must be 40 − (9 + 10 + 10) = 11. Below you’ll find the complete ACT answer key for this exam as well as the corresponding ACT scale chart (raw score conversion table) for scoring the exam. No problem! C  First determine the cost per quarter hour using the rate formula: rate = . Choice (H) is the result of multiplying f(x) by f(x), which is not the same operation as compound functions. If you selected choice (C), be careful—this is the median. Choice (H) is a better choice than choice (F) because the high pepsin activity in Trials 3 and 4 would break casein down into the smaller peptides. 50. Choices (A), (B), and (E) all improperly subtract fractions and integers. C  The quote from Whitman describes slang as an attempt to escape from bald literalism, meaning an attempt to find more colorful ways of saying what one means, and as humanity’s attempt to express itself illimitably, meaning to have limitless expression. 5. 9. Choice (A) is incorrect because the passage up to this point has shown the boy wondering about the meaning behind the captain’s words, implying that the captain hadn’t explained the phrase previously; choice (B) is incorrect because, although the boy wonders what the dead can do earlier in the passage, his thoughts here are focused on the captain; choice (D) is incorrect because there is no indication that the boy’s experiences will lead him to a better life. 144 − ( × 144) = 30.9. The passage tells us that the project was a failure in the sense that it failed to find signs of intelligent life but a success in terms of leading to other similar programs. Choice (B) includes words from the passage, but goes against the information given. 56. Choice (B) is incorrect because the passage does not indicate that the Sagrada Familia compares unfavorably to other cathedrals.

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