The woman I smuggle to an island shows up in a later quest. Redo Choices in New Game + All your choices will be undone in the New Game + as you begin your journey again, but will all your acquired loot and abilities in tact. Good thing they gave us a choice. I had to beat the crap out of Stentor because that guy annoyed me so much. The novel doesn't have any romance, though it is possible she may have hooked up during the time gaps between the major events of the novel. In your individual playthrough, what happened is what happened historically. Is it even a choice if the lore is decided anyway? Whatever happened in the past happened in the past. Another reason the choice system is flawed, and another reason I hope we never see it again as far as I care. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, monteriggioni statues predict all upcoming games, when will internal consistency return from war :(. The whole point was that she didn't want to return to....Argos? The choices are simply an illusion for us, the player, rather than us altering history within the animus. Unfortunately, Kassandra still kills Deimos in the novel on Mt. Anyways, I think here are all the major decisions you need to make in order for your playthrough to be as close to canon as possible. As a general rule of thumb, canonical Kassandra usually picks the good/moral dialogue option (with a few exceptions). Check out our Assassin's Creed Odyssey choices and consequences guide for help with the hard decisions. Every choice matters in Assassin's Creed Odyssey so choose wisely. She tends to be pro-Perikles especially in the later parts, and she is critical of Spartan traditions. While most side quests were omitted in the novel, the book only focuses on the major events of the main quest with some pretty large time gaps between them, so you can reasonably assume many of the side quests happened during those gaps. Again, self-explanatory. Again, self-explanatory. this is literally the only game series where it doesn’t make sense. Given that Stentor is even more of a jealous asshole in the novel, this one annoyed me. He actually died 3 days after handing it over rather than immediately, though that's just a small difference. In the novel, Pythagoras gives Kassandra the Staff of Hermes peacefully. God that was so fucking out of place. I fucked up and the game corrected my fuck via a bug...thank you game. If you select the woman, that implies in your game that the male DNA on the spear was someone completely different, and not Alexios. Again, this is where the novel differs from the game. The ac odyssey blood fever quest also gives you choices and is the side quest in the Kephalonia which is the starting part of the game.. Self-explanatory, Kassandra is the canon protagonist of the AC lore. A skillful craftsman and inventor, Hermes was noted for his technological contributions during the Isu Era, in particularly the Wings of Hermes, portals which served as a means of transport to higher locations. The novel handled Deimos' death much better though. All conquest battles should be for Sparta (except for Achaia), After Perikles' symposium, go to Argolis, then Korinth, Save the baby instead of going after Chrysis, Kill the wolves attacking the boys in Sparta, Before going to Pylos, don't promise Myrinne that you can bring Deimos/Alexios back, Be aggressive towards Aspasia but spare her, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. I don't really get why they introduced the choice system in this game as it contradictory to what the animus could do in the first place. However, in the novel Kassandra successfully implicates Pausanias, so you need to convince Lagos to leave the Cult to get the evidence you need. Hyrkanos is one of the few mercenaries named in the novel, and Kassandra killed him in order to provide grain relief for the Spartan forces. In the game I think you can threaten to take the staff from him by force. Cookies help us deliver our Services. For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I loved the game, but the cultist ending was a disappointment, glad the book sounds more properly told. There are many choices to make in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but only some choices impact major outcomes in the story. In the novel Kleon seems to be the last Cultist to die aside from Deimos and Aspasia. Novel Kass was like she had been through too much she was way more broody/sad than game Kass :(. Having finished reading the novel and recently finished a playthrough of the game, I'll make a list of major decisions here for those who want to make the AC Odyssey playthrough as canonical as possible. It's the same was we choose to play as male or female. However, keep in mind that the game will still not entirely match up with the novel, because the novel is much more historically accurate while the game plays it a bit loose with the historical chronology.

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