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Last House on the Left

On their way to a Bloodlust concert, pretty young Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassel) and her 'wrong side of the tracks' friend Phyllis Stone (Lucy Grantham) find themselves taken hostage by escaped murderer Krug Stillo (David Hess) and his gang of fellow miscreants. Taking them out into the woods directly across the street from Mari's home, Krug and his psychopathic 'family' start to ritually abuse and torture the two women, while Mari's parents begin to worry why their daughter has yet to return home. The nightmare that Mari and Phyllis experience, though, is only the beginning in a day of terror that leads Krug and his whacked-out crew to realize that humanity is beyond their reach and that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Last House on the Left One of the most controversial films of the seventies, Wes Craven's debut horror feature Last House on the Left is a harrowing look at violence from the man who has made such matters his calling card in Hollywood. Although most of his career has been predicated on scaring movie-goers with films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, nothing he has made since 1972 has had quite the lasting impact of his very first foray into terror. Those expecting this film to feature goofy chills like Craven's other titles will probably be shocked to discover that he knows more about horror than he has been letting on for the last thirty years. In fact, after seeing the sheer unrelenting violence and terror in this film, most of his other works seem rather watered down in comparison.